Sainik School Amaravathinagar 04252 256246 (3 Lines)

Capt (IN) K Manikandan, Principal

The school strives hard to develop a full and well rounded personality in every cadet, who is wholly equipped to take his/her slated role as a leader in any society.  Building  military ethos in every student is done to imbibe in them a sense of discipline, duty and devotion to elders and to the Nation.

Teaching-learning environment requires to be conducive for devolution  of information and values from the teacher to the taught.  The introduction of Smart Class concept shall go a long way in marching towards our cherished goal.  The Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) network at the academic block is our endeavor to monitor the effective transfer of knowledge and shall also act as a medium for ensuring a safe and secure environment in the class room.

Teaching staff have been constantly encouraged to put forth utmost efforts to ensure that every cadet is given equal opportunity  to participate in various events - be it curricular, co-curricular or extra curricular activity.

We, at this school, have been blessed to inherit good infrastructure and committed  staff, who are being  continuously and constantly motivated and guided to be a source of knowledge and inspiration to  our children.  With continued dedication and tireless efforts of the staff and the students,  added with support and  understanding of parents, I am sure Sainik School Amaravathinagar shall aspire for and achieve greater heights of glory in the succeeding years.