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Hobby Clubs

Knowledge comes not only from books but also from experience. Hobbies are practised forinterest and enjoyment, rather than financial reward. Engaging in a hobby can lead to acquiringsubstantial skill, knowledge, and experience. However, personal fulfilment is the aim. Our clubslet the students explore their passions for themselves. From discovering the art of photography toencouraging scientific curiosity and attitude, the clubs cater to a variety of interests of the students.The clubs foster critical thinking skills, confidence and above all imagination.

Our Clubs

Environmental, Photography, Ham Radio, Horse Riding, Kayaking, Para Sailing,
Swimming, Rappeling, Karate, Silambam, Creative Writing, Philately and Numismatics, Cycling,Cookery, Quiz, Aero Modelling, Ship Modelling, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer,Yoga & Gymnastics, Dramatics & Dance, Music and Art & Craft are the active clubs organizedand operated by students at Sainik School, Amaravathinagar.

On all Thursday afternoons the clubs function for about two hours.


As part of Annul Day celebration an exhibition of the Hobby Clubs is held. Since the best exhibited club wins an awardthere is tough competition among the clubs to win this honour. When the exhibition is around the corner, the sudents and the staff work day and night and bring out the best out of them.


The annual Hobby Clus Exhibition is open to all. A large crowd of visitors and guests eagerly go around the exhibition which is a great motivation for our cadets.