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Sainik school, Amaravathinagar is an English medium, residential school for boys providing Public School Education with a military bias, located at Udumalpet, Tirupur Dist, Tamil Nadu. The school was formed with a clear objective of providing high-quality public school education and leadership & discipline training to handpicked children and groom them to become officers in the Defence Services of the country. The aim of the School is to enroll as many cadets as possible into the NDA (National Defence Academy)

The aim of the school is to prepare the boys academically, physically and psychologically for entry into the National Defence Academy. Character, team spirit, dedication to purpose, a patriotic outlook and a desire to serve the country with zeal and efficiency are the qualities sought to be promoted by the training at the school.

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The concept of Sainik Schools originated with Mr. Krishna Menon, who was our Defence Minister in the early 1960s. Mr. Menon felt that a school with rudiments of a military way of life in each state of our country, could go a long way in building up an infrastructure for intake into the NDA. Thus sainik schools came into being in each state. This school is one of the 33 Sainik Schools of the country. It came into being on 16th July 1962.

Class Room

The school has well-equipped and spacious classrooms and laboratories. The maximum strength of the children in a classroom is 35-40 for an optimum student – teacher ratio.

Cadets' Mess

The importance of table manners, for the cadets aspiring to join the armed forces, need not be overemphasised. A person with good table manners adds to the pleasure of a good meal


The school has a well stocked Library and Reading Room with magazines and periodicals. Books covering various subjects are available for issue to students except from the'reference section' which is intended for 'on the spot use' only. New books are constantly added and the worn out and damaged over taken off the shelves. Theschool also maintains a 'motivation room' with all the latest information regarding careers in Armed forces. Each house has its own library.